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Site: Soul Cycle New Jersey, Soul Cycle Dowtown NYC 1st & 2nd Floor Soul cycle bryant park.

Area: 2600 SF, 6183 SF, 3377 SF.

Work scope:

  • Reception desk material 1/4” corain on 3/4” plywood all around
  • plywood bike platform
  • Corian listening station.
  • corain and solid wood top benches with metal legs.
  • Men and Women’s Restroom/Locker Room: Corian niches; corian shelves; corian vanity tops; corian gromming shelf; corian shower niches; IPE wood shower benches and floor mat; 3 form Shower room doors with hardware and door handles. 3form shower dividers.
  • Storage room shelves and support brackets
  • Color core 2 white formica on 3/4″ plywood towel and shoe cabinetry.
  • Corian Window sills